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Analysis of the development of Chinese abrasives industry situation
Updated: 2014/8/7 23:41:31

    In 2010 for the completion of the national "eleven five" energy-saving emission reduction targets, to Shanxi, Henan, Ningxia and other regions of the large number of alumina production enterprises in the implementation of the shut down. For the corundum energy-saving emission reduction policies in 2011, senior industry experts Shen Lanying gives his own views, "2011 national energy-saving emission reduction policies will be more strict, not easily, governance for air, dust pollution corundum smelting process is abrasive enterprises must do. Now, energy saving and environmental protection technology of brown corundum production in Shanxi, the Henan area has been basically completed, the Guizhou area of corundum production enterprises may be in the new year a more serious. In 2011 as the financial crisis started in the recovery period, abrasives industry situation will be changed. "
   Abrasives branch secretary Cui Yu pointed out, abrasives as a special industry, abrasive smelting in the energy-saving emission reduction problems. At present, brown corundum exists in the phenomenon of excess capacity, the focus of national policy, the next step will be to eliminate backward production capacity of alumina industry, shutting down some of the high energy consumption of small and medium-sized corundum smelting furnace production enterprises, elimination of small power, encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Guiyang Abrasives Association Secretary General Zhang Canze said the backward production equipment is currently part of abrasives enterprises as part of the country banned the use of on trial, for this part of the enterprise will become in 2011 the focus out of business.
   According to the Xinjiang master carborundum Products Co. Ltd. General Manager Gao Zhigang introduces, at present Xinjiang area many silicon carbide project put into production, there exists the possibility of overcapacity green silicon carbide powder industry in 2011, green silicon carbide powder production will be cautiously optimistic. Silicon carbide industry expert Shen Songmao points out, "the national energy policy of the Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the silicon carbide smelting such high energy consumption industry and development, to the power of black silicon carbide smelting project is ready to be built may influence their investment. But because of the economic development of different provinces, such as Ningxia area, high energy consuming enterprises is the main pillar of the economy, so what impact will not be the first two years in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, but the energy-saving emission reduction policies may have difference in the area. Policy 2011 state of the silicon carbide industry, Shen Songmao gives his views: "because of our energy policy decisions, a single furnace capacity of silicon carbide smelting, according to each province is different, one will introduce differential power prices, electric furnace energy consumption than the average level of our country will accept the high price of punitive; two will be eliminated furnace power is less than 5000 or 8000WVA electric equipment. "
Coated abrasives pollution into focus
    Last year the national coated abrasives industry information and materials on the exchange of the General Assembly on the coated abrasives industry "1025" planning are proposed. Chinese Machine Tool Industry Association Special Adviser, former national machine tool company director Yu Chengting made "important" report on the development of the national energy-saving emission reduction situation and industry in the general assembly, on major issues of national "eleven five" energy-saving emission reduction achievements during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period are faced with the task of energy-saving emission reduction situation and current abrasives industry communication the relevant policies of the central and the guide, this article puts forward some measures and methods to deal with the. The report pointed out that the current energy-saving emission reduction machinery industry has made a goal: million yuan of industrial added value of energy consumption by 2009 0.425 tons of standard coal in 2015 dropped to 0.31 tons of standard coal, emissions are also being made in 2011, development of coating industry, energy-saving emission reduction will be a rigid requirements, each increase grinding the value of business will have an environmental index.
In the energy-saving emission reduction policies in coated abrasives, environmental pollution problems become coated abrasives production process is the most important. Although the coated abrasives in the production process of the energy consumption and pollution is not serious, but the production process of air dust pollution and industrial waste brought pollution and destruction to the environment. Coated abrasives products are caustic soda, phenol, formaldehyde and other harmful substances emissions and waste water, waste gas and waste "three wastes" in the production process pollution. In coated abrasives industry, dust pollution has become the focus of corporate governance of grinding, "three wastes" is directly related to the survival and development of enterprises. In 2011 the "pollution" will become the coated abrasives development event.
The national energy-saving emission reduction task orders with coated, many manufacturers have started green economy production lines, to achieve cleaner production. In 2011 by the national policy situation, coated abrasives environmental road will be relatively smooth, although the requirements of environmental protection will improve, for small and medium enterprises still have a long way to go, but for the development of mature enterprises, the impact is not great. Especially the application of superhard materials in Coated Abrasives products, reduce pollution, reduce the labor intensity, energy conservation and emission reduction is achieved in the process of. 2011 state of the coated abrasives and abrasive energy-saving emission reduction policies will be more specific, on the one hand will develop energy-saving emission reduction targets, on the other hand will intensify environmental protection, clean production policy.
Strategic emerging industry bring new opportunities
    Chinese superhard material industry after 40 years of development has made great progress, gained rapid development, according to statistics, domestic superhard materials industry scale has exceeded 30000000000 yuan. With the rise of global low carbon economy, development of photovoltaic power generation, LED, IT, aerospace industry and other emerging industries, super hard material in these emerging industries function grinding, polishing, cutting area will play an irreplaceable role.
    Last year, the State Council issued the "on accelerating the fostering and development of strategic new
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