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Abrasives Market Prospects
Updated: 2014/8/7 23:35:26

   When held in Zhengzhou the twentieth Chinese International Hardware Fair on the occasion, had the honor to participate in Guangdong foreign industrial limited information conference and signing ceremony of cooperation, I feel very honored, here, I represent the China machine tool industry association Abrasives branch to express my heartfelt thanks to all the guests attended the event, also wish this time complete success!
     Guangdong Foreign Industrial Co. Ltd is a R & D, production of resin abrasive, sales of high-grade resin cutting wheel, pull type grinding wheel, elastic grinding disk, ultrathin sheet cutting wheel hundreds of models of different specifications. Foreign exchange industry since its establishment in 1994, in the General Yang lead, continue to introduce advanced imported equipment and process technology, stand on solid ground, work steadily, enterprises continue to grow, now has an annual output of 26000 tons of production capacity, production capacity next year after the completion of the new plant will reach 60000 tons, sales volume in the industry resin abrasive production enterprises in the first three years in a row, "diamond, Silver Diamond" become famous brand win universal praise in the industry, our warm congratulations on the foreign made remarkable achievements!
   The development of export development against our industry, with the continuous growth of the national economy, the increasing demand of abrasives. Today, foreign exchange dealers to many, everyone in the sales line, the demand of the market will feel better, we should be full of confidence for the future market demand. Our analysis from the following points:
First of all, from the first half of the economic situation, China's economic growth by the stimulus to growth independently of orderly transition, the expected direction towards the macro-control development. The steady and rapid development of the national economy, the first half of the year, GDP growth of 9.6%, increasing the role of domestic demand. From our industry in the first half of the situation, also has a rapid growth. According to industry statistics, abrasive year-on-year growth of 10.88%, in which ceramic abrasive growth 8.9%, 11.28% growth (resin abrasive which export is growing rapidly, an increase of 32.06%). The first half of the year and the export volume and export volume increased 27.26% and 38.33% respectively, most of which are resin products.
    Secondly, approved by the Ministry of machine tool industry "1025" planning focus on the development of products for: Abrasives abrasive products deep processing, high-grade abrasives for NC Airport (high speed, high efficiency, supporting the heavy load, precision, ultra precision grinding tools etc.). This is also the industry associations active efforts for the industry to strive for the development of the industry for the good policy, actively make good use of these policies, to promote the development of abrasive industry will play a positive role. Here, with particular emphasis on product research and development work. Has held a signing ceremony for the establishment of the comprehensive strategic cooperation with Henan University of Technology College of foreign materials, the school enterprise combination of greater development will boost the firm.
Thirdly, the downstream industry, we will maintain a certain growth rate. Although the second half of the country is still the implementation of macroeconomic regulation and control, but there is still a considerable growth rate. Related industries, automobile production year-on-year increase, decrease, the overall smooth operation of iron and steel industry, the real estate market is in stagnation state, but hard to build 10000000 sets of low-income housing in the first half of the year, construction of 5000000 sets, 5000000 sets of the remaining to start construction before the end of 11, six orders ship industry will decrease slightly, but there will still be some incremental; water conservancy facilities construction in the second half of the year will enter the climax, which gave the abrasives industry brings opportunity, but as the resin abrasive wide use is subject to more customers.
   Fourthly, the international economic situation is bad weather is very complex, the European countries economic bad, American long-term sovereign credit rating, the international financial market volatility, the continuous appreciation of the RMB, no one does not affect Chinese products export, but as a resource and labor-intensive products, with the use of new it is constantly to be recognized by the market, we believe that Chinese resin Abrasives export market space is very big still, this year from the export statistics also reflect the.
Of course, the current economic development, power shortage, a shortage of funds, slow economic growth, can also have an effect on the development of the industry, but also just slows down, we can use this opportunity to make industrial adjustment, increase new product development efforts, to lay a good foundation for the development of new enterprises. Will usher in a bright tomorrow!
Friends, with the history of export development increasingly clear, earnings will soon enter a new milepost, we wish for foreign exchange as the industry leader in the lead, lead the direction, partners and foreign exchange earnings to grow together, wish to create a better future!
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