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Abrasives industry has three aspects of improvement and breakthrough significance
Updated: 2014/8/7 23:29:48

    Abrasives industry is a basic industry, but the machine always occupy a very important position. As abrasives, three aspects of improvement and breakthrough significance.
First, the improved abrasive physical structure, such as the unit of time effect of workpiece abrasive number, so that the average length of grinding, the grinding contact surface growth increases, all these change the unit time grinding amount, improve the efficiency of;
   Second, super hard abrasive applications, mainly refers to the metal powder, metal oxide or CBN superhard materials as filler, resin, ceramic or metal bond grinding tools made application. At present, brought about by the superhard abrasive high precision, high efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized.
    Third, the new abrasives, such as micron polycrystalline ceramics ceramics containing fine diamond abrasive abrasive, abrasive, spherical shell with polyester film with ultra precise polishing etc.. These new Abrasives has the characteristic, the grinding advantage has been most incisive display.
    Looking at the development of grinding, grinding abrasive future will put forward higher request, judging from the present situation, superhard products that meet the needs of the new grinding. Such as CBN abrasive with good thermal stability, high hardness, good wear resistance and other characteristics, so the grinding process line of high speed, high grinding efficiency, tool life is also high, especially suitable for processing high speed steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, chilled cast iron, ferrous metal materials.
    In addition, to meet the various needs of vitrified bonded grinding wheel, big hole high speed grinding wheel and different processing different abrasive grinding wheel, diamond saw blade will progress as the technology and expand the scope of application, has become the mainstream product processing.
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