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China abrasive characteristics of three series parsing abrasive
Updated: 2014/8/7 22:52:57

Consolidation abrasive: consolidation abrasive made with abrasive binder (grinding materials) have ability to shape a grinding tool. Consolidation abrasive tag example: hardness bond granularity organization shape size 35 m/SGB/T2485 shape code 300 * 50 * 300 types of abrasive abrasive particle size bond abrasive hardness organization, the highest standard of working speed abrasive technology conditions, in addition to the highest standard of working speed abrasive technology conditions, outside, the rest of the abrasive characteristics for consolidation. Abrasive abrasive abrasive abrasive particle size refers to the thickness size, consolidation adopts a series of standards, the seven features are based on the 1998 national abrasives standardization technical committee compiled by the press, mechanical industry standard of each paragraph.

(1) hardness: here refers to the consolidation abrasive hardness under the action of external force, binder and abrasive strength, according to the particle thickness sand hardness tester were used respectively to rockwell hardness measurement. Super soft hardness points 1, 2) super soft, super soft, soft soft (1, 2) soft, soft soft (soft 1, 2), (1, 2), hard hard hard (hard 1, 2, 3), hard hard (hard 1, 2), superhard (superhard 1, 2) superhard levels and so on seven big small, a total of 15.

(2) the bond: bond refers to the consolidation abrasive binder and abrasive materials. Consolidation abrasive usually adopt ceramic, resin, rubber, ling magnesia four categories binder. The four types of binder for ceramic bond abrasive proportion is the largest. Ceramic bond main materials are clay, feldspar, loess, quartz, etc according to different abrasive, different USES and different method (casting or suppress) different ceramic bond.

Main phenolic resin binder type resin, points of two kinds of powdered resin liquid resin, also according to the different USES are divided into various different know-how for the resin binder. Rubber binder is currently using artificial sodium butyl benzene rubber, butyl rubber and liquid rubber three categories, method according to different purposes and is divided into various rubber adhesive. Ling magnesia binder main material with magnesium oxide magnesium chloride of two materials, mainly used for granular abrasives for fine processing purposes. Various binder code is as follows: the name of the binder resin binder binder code ceramic bond V B rubber binder R ling magnesia binder Mg (3) organization, organization refers to the consolidation abrasive abrasive occupied volume, the weight % than said. Usually organize grinding tool marks does not display, and make a recipe, self-control in Arabic numerals, said that the smaller the number, the organization the more loose, consolidation abrasive abrasive ratio less namely, whereas digital large organizations more tightly, the greater the ratio of grits. Usually group number from 0 to 12, a total of 13.

2, coated abrasive: coated with abrasive binder abrasive abrasive adhesive can flexure base material, also known as flexible grinding tool. Coated with abrasive nine characteristics: base material type, base material processing, types of abrasive, abrasive particle size, sand density, types of adhesive, adhesive strength, shape, size

3, superhard abrasive: superhard abrasive tool, it is the cause of choose and employ persons super-hard abrasive (diamond and cubic boron nitride made abrasive, abrasive another big series. Superhard abrasive tool has the following several characteristics: with the markers concentration, binder, particle size, abrasive abrasive brand, layer thickness, pore diameter, total thickness, diameter, shape code above characteristics marked in accordance with the 1998 national abrasives standardization technical committee compiled by each standard countries press machinery industry standard, the concentration, and consolidation of abrasive is approximately the same number of organization, but superhard abrasive symbol shall be marked. Concentration refers to the so-called superhard abrasive superhard abrasive grams per cubic centimeter volume contains several, expressed as a number, concentration of code is as follows: code abrasive content (g/cm3) concentration in 250. 2225% by 500. 4450% by 750. 6675% by 1000. 88100% by 1501. 32150% of bond: refers to the superhard abrasive binder used by category. Binder code is as follows: binder binder code resinoid bonded metal bond M ceramic bond V B.

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